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Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant has been serving  authentic Peranakan cuisine in Joo Chiat Area since 1953.

The restaurant is set in an idyllic atmosphere where the main concerns are the quality and authenticity of  the food served.

Not sparing any effort, the original taste of Peranakan cuisine has been preserved here, using the freshest ingredients and a select choice of spices.

Ikan Asam Nanas Pedas

Many have come to love our nonya food and even cater for special occasions at offices and homes! Yes ! We cater a wide choice of dishes, available at very reasonable prices! Click here to see what dishes are available from our catering arm.



Peranakan Delicacies

Keeping close to what was handed down thru the generations Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant is able to upkeep numerous Peranakan dishes which are hot favorites with our restaurant patrons and catered-food clients!

By using fresh ingredients, our customers can be assured of good tasting, mouth watering nonya food being served. Giving their guests a good and lasting impression.

With so many satisfied customers whom we have had the honor of catering to, we are sure we can meet your needs. Our clientele comes from all walks of life, from the social elites to the HDB heartlanders. Serving their needs for parties as small as 30 guests to a whopping of hundred guests

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38/40 Joo Chiat Place S(427762)  Tel: 6344 2761

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