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Outdoor Food Catering Service business has being with Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant since the 50’s but during that time it’s  known as “Tok-Panjang” which means Long Table, where guests are sited at the sides of the table waiting to be serve. It comes with a non stop topping of our authentic Peranakan food serve on typical nonya wares and till their stomach are fill with our delicacies.

Times have changed  and so   have our catering service, with the introduction of warmers and portable heating devices, our catering service can bring authentic Peranakan food in buffet style right to your doorstep! Yes, not only to doorstep but we also cater for offices, schools, community centers,  churches and many many more other institutions….

So wait no longer..... if you have a celebration coming your way, pick up your phone right away and gave us a call at Tel: 63442761 to check things out. We will be right there to serve you on your food catering needs. 

Want to know more about our delicacies and layout ? Just click onto our Catering Picture Gallery and view our dishes that you had been missing... for.